Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy

By | March 29, 2019

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Why in the first place do you need a digital marketing strategy?

Why not go without a strategy?

How does a strategy makes you different from your competitors who don’t have one?

There are several reasons why a marketing strategy will help your business.

Let’s quickly discuss a few of the benefits:

1. Direction and focus

A strategy gives you direction. It tells you and your team what has to be done, why it has to be done, when and how it will help achieve the set goals.

In the absence of a digital marketing strategy, everyone in the organisation will be moving in their own direction. Some will even be moving in the opposite direction.

There are several types of marketing techniques and channels. A strategy that says we need to increase traffic is not focused because some team members will work on social media, others on SEO, another chunk will spend lavishly on PPC. Everyone will be driving traffic to the site. For more details check SEO Agency London.

It won’t work.

A better strategy would aim on increasing organic traffic by 100% in 6 months. This strategy gives direction to your team. Everyone will be focused on SEO and nothing else. This is what a strategy does to your business – organises the work carried out by digital marketers.

2. Achieve business goals

An online marketing strategy will help achieve business goals.

Every marketing strategy aims to achieve something and it adds to the overall business goals. However, you have to make sure that the marketing strategy is integrated with the business objectives.

In fact, a digital marketing strategy is a subset of your business’s strategy.

If your business strategy is be the biggest smartphone seller in your country in five years. You can’t achieve it without a proven plan. Each year, your marketing strategy will push your business closer to its objective.

3. Minimise wastage

How would you like to be able to allocate budget and resources in advance? You know how much you have to spend on content marketing, how many backlinks you have to acquire in a month, and so on — you need a step-by-step strategy to guide you.

This planning reduces resource wastage.

For instance, if you need to acquire 500 backlinks a month, you can allocate budget for it and hire someone experienced to do it for you.

No lags.

No wastage.

Everything works smoothly.

4. Reduces duplication

How many times have you realised that there were two or more people in your organisation working on the same or similar projects?

It’s uncommon, but could happen for various reasons.

The most frequent being:

1. Lack of a written strategy.

2. Lack of communication.

Consider the previous example.

Your business needs to acquire 500 backlinks. You have created a plan for it and a team has been assigned to generate these backlinks. There will be no duplication. For SEO Services visit painpeters

As opposed to when you simply tell your team to create backlinks. They might end up getting backlinks from the same websites which may not pan out well for your search visibility.

5. Improvement in performance

Yes, a digital marketing strategy will improve your business’ performance. After all, this is the reason why you’re investing in it in the first place.

It’s not just about the results that you drive from your campaign. Think of the analytics, the data and continuous monitoring that helps you optimise campaigns.

Businesses that have a well-documented marketing strategy see significantly higher performance in the form of ROI and customer engagement compared to those that don’t.

6. Better ROI

No matter the industry you operate in, you want to maximise your investment and build a profitable business. From manufacturing to entertainment, getting a better ROI is the ultimate pursuit.

While 64% of the insurance agencies reported that they don’t measure the ROI of marketing but the businesses that do, are killing it.

Statistics show that digital marketing provides 4x high ROI than TV.

Yes, marketing through digital channels does work but you have to measure the ROI. Unfortunately, most of the businesses don’t measure the ROI of their digital marketing campaigns and strategy. This is where things get wrong. If you don’t know how much you made for every dollar you invested in digital marketing, how’d you scale it? Or, how’d you tell if it worked or didn’t?

Businesses with a clear strategy normally don’t struggle too much with ROI because they measure it one way or another.

In any case, having a strategy will make things clearer in several ways. This will help you in getting better at measuring ROI over time.

7. Communication

A digital marketing strategy makes communication smooth and meaningful.

Everyone in the organisation knows their responsibilities. Inter-department interaction gets meaningful in the process. All the departments should know what the marketing team is up to this month and how they can help.

For instance, the product development team will know when they have to launch their new product so that the marketing team can kick start its influencer marketing campaign.

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