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What do you think? Is Old Erangle Really Coming Back ? Know it here.

“No any official statement has been released but there are several hints that we can finally get our old Erangle back. “

PUBG Mobile has been one of the most played android as well as emulator game. PUBG Mobile is gradually being the top rated online games with around 555 million players around the world. The game can be played on both Android / iPhone and PCs. However, playing in PC requires an emulators.

PUBG Mobile has been giving continous new updates and events. But the users are not enjoying the recent updates and events. This dissatisfaction started around a year ago when PUBG Mobile introduced a newer version of Erangle map and named is Erangle 2.0.

Old Erangle Really Coming Back.

After the end of the royal pass season 14 back in September 2020, the introduction of new season (season 15) with the new version of Erangle, Erangle 2.0 was introduced. It was introduced after upgrading the PUBG Mobile version from 0.19.0 to 1.0. There were so much excitement about the new map. All the users/gamers were ready to welcome the newer version of the map and were desperate to play in the new map.

Rise of Erangle 2.0

Is Old Erangle Really Coming Back ?

The new version of Erangle, ‘Erangle 2.0’ was release on September 8, 2020. Erangle 2.0 consists of updated landscape, structures, houses and some of the cities in the older Erangle map was replaced with newer one.

Major changes in the Erangle 2.0 were; complete change of Mylta Power, Quarry and Prison. The brief description of the major changes are:

  • New Visuals: New Erangle will consists of updated sky, land, water and vegetation which will make the game (map) more realistic and detailed.
  • Changes in Buildings: The structure of some buildings in the maps are changed which also includes the warehouse.
  • Remodeled Places: Few places from the current erangle has been re-modified to make it more realistic and best for battle.
    • Mylta Power: One of the remodeled places is Mylta Power. Mylta Power has been one of the best drop location and it will be more fun while taking fight in this location. It is remodeled with new building layout to make resource points closer to one another for more unexpected developments in battle.
    • Quarry: We can see major changes in the Quarry as well. There will be improved terrain structure, adjusted the layout of buildings, added 7 new large warehouses, and added landing points for even more looting options.
    • Prison: Another favorite drop location Prison will be presented with much more modified look. The size of the wall has been increased. The layouts of the buildings has been adjusted.

Downfall of Erangle 2.0

Many gamers/users were so much excited about the new update and Erangle 2.0. Many of them enjoyed in the starting phase of the Erangle 2.0. But as the time passed by, most of the gamers started missing the older Erangle. Mylta Power was one of the favourite place for most of the gamers but after the new update, people started hating Mylta Power.

We can see merely some players going to Mylta Power and start a loot in the newer version. Similar is the case in Prison as well. People started hating the new Erangle map as along with the new updated place, the new map also consists new bugs and new glitches which made it irritating for many gamers. PUBG Mobile users was decreased by around 30% after the Erangle 2.0.

Now after around a year of its introduction, there has been rumor of bringing back the older version of Erangle and replacing the Erangle 2.0.

Is Old Erangle Really Coming Back ?

There has been rumors all over about the comeback of the older version of Erangle. No any official statement has been released but there are several hints that we can finally get our old Erangle back.

About a year ago, PUBG PC upgraded their most famous map of Sahnok but was criticized heavily. After the release of new version of the map, the users rapidly declined and the active users were only around 30%. After realizating the reason, the developers brought back the older map in their new update of 17.1. In an official post, the Krafton says that Sanhok is going to be returned to its “original glory” as part of PUBG: Battlegrounds‘ upcoming 17.1 update. This was previously announced as part of the development team’s 2022 Dev Plan, but the update and its content are now being confirmed.

Its about the PUBG PC. However, it has indirectly made impact in PUBG Mobile as well. The return of Sahnok in PUBG PC could be a sign of return of Erangle in PUBG Mobile as well.

According the the several YouTubers and rumors, not only old Erangle but also the older layout will be returned back. The older theme of the game will be restored in the upcoming update and the developers are already working on it.

The Biggest Hint

The biggest hint of the return of older Erangle is given in the theme of the royal pass of M10. The theme of M10 Royal Pass is kept abit older which hint the return of older version. The theme somehow matches with the older version of the PUBG Mobile. Similarly, the interface also looks changed and is matching to the older theme.

Comparison of Older and Newer Maps

Don’t you miss the older version of the Erangle ? If you miss the older version of Erangle and want it in next update, then leave your comment below.

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